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Comparing {{stat}} between {{before}} and {{after}}

#{{data.a.pr}} {{formatDate(data.a.date)}} ({{short(data.a)}})
#{{data.b.pr}} {{formatDate(data.b.date)}} ({{short(data.b)}})
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{{ summaryPair[0] }}:
{{summaryPair[1].regressions.toString().padStart(3, " ")}} {{summaryPair[1].unchanged.toString().padStart(3, " ")}} {{summaryPair[1].improvements.toString().padStart(3, " ")}}

Newly broken benchmarks:

{{ crate }}
{{ error }}

Benchmark & Profile Scenario % Change Significance Factor ? How much a particular result is over the significance threshold. A factor of 2.50x means the result is 2.5 times over the significance threshold. You can see here how the significance threshold is calculated. {{before}} {{after}}
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bootstrap timings; variance is 1-3% on smaller benchmarks! Values in seconds.
total A: {{bootstrapTotals.a.toFixed(3)}} B: {{bootstrapTotals.b.toFixed(3)}} Total: {{(bootstrapTotals.b - bootstrapTotals.a).toFixed(1)}}
({{((bootstrapTotals.b - bootstrapTotals.a ) / bootstrapTotals.a * 100).toFixed(3)}}%)

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